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The Saga Of *Ignorance*

Ugh, that is so irking. Isn't it!? I know many of us are being bothered by ignorance. I know it's not easy but it's high time to be strong and face all that jazz. How do you confront such a situation? Do you know how I deal with it? When someone ignores you and you just go blank. Does that happen with you too? It happened to me lots of times then finally, I managed to figure out the way to deal that.

Read on to know how to confront it...

Basically, ignorance is TWO types. 

  • One, people ignore you cause they're not comfortable being social(introverts) 
  • Two, people ignore you intentionally. Only to hurt you. ( I don't know, it brings joy to them or what. But they do.)

Honestly, we don't care about the first kind because it's something that they're not comfortable with, so they avoided it. Actually, they don't know what to talk, so simply they avoid it. So, it should not hurt you. The second one is an intentional doing. But I feel that shouldn't bother you either. Because they're the people who don't have confidence and feel you're superior to them. In one way they admire you beyond the limits, they want to be like you. So they resort to the painful path. It's painful for them more than you, trust me. They're the ones who can't live peacefully even a second hating you. Pity them. 

Why people ignore? 

If we wanna sum up the reasons for ignorance, they are like this... 

  • Cause they like you beyond. 
  • They think you have something they can only desire 
  • Cause they tried to be like you but failed 
  • They themselves have absolutely no idea why they're doing it. You know, some people's wavelength doesn't match.
  • They might have some real reason (In this case, you may be at fault. So, try to patch up. Life's too short to hold a grudge against)
Actually, I don't see why people do that. I mean, see, everyone wants to be happy ultimately, yes or no. And what gives you happiness? PEACE OF MIND. Jealousy and hatred are the negative feelings which ruin our peace of mind. When that happens, you're not happy anymore. Then why would you want to ignore somebody and spoil your happiness? You're doing that which gives you nothing in return. Moreover, it spoils something you already have, PEACE. 

How to deal with it? 

First, understand this well. If a person ignores you, it's their life and they have every right to decide what to do. So, never feel bad for something that's not in your hands. I know, when that happens several questions pop up instantly like "what have I done?", "After all, I did so much good to them", "I don't even know them much, why are they ignoring me?" Yadda Yadda Yadda.... Leave all that. Don't question somebody's doing. It's their choice. I know, it's better said than done. Believe me, I said after I did and I felt so much better. 

Second, what should you do now? 

Here you have three choices. 

  • One. You take initiation. Say just hello and go away. It'll ease the tension between you two. You may even change that person's mentality with your positive mindset. 
  • Two. Leave them. They'll get to taste their own medicine one day. There's a thing called karma, remember. 
  • Three. If you have the guts, go to them and just ask them directly but in a humorous way. It'll catch the other person off guard. 
Of all the three choices there's one thing you should not do. ANALYZING. I know many of us analyze things when something we don't like happens. Even I did (once). But what's the point of analyzing when it's done by others and you can't change it? You'll never find an answer. So, Don't over think and feel blue for being ignored. You can't feel bad for something that's not in your hands, right! Instead, I feel you should feel like a star because people ignore you only when they admire you beyond the limits. The number of people that ignore you is directly proportional to how better you are as a person. 😉

My saga

I've lots of stories filled with ignorance but the top of the list happened when I started this blog. This blog is just 2 months old. In these 2 months, I've learned not just about blogging but also about people and their mentality. When I started this, I was so desperate for some feedback from the people I know but very few of them responded. Literally, I can count them on my fingers (Actually, I hardly have to use all my fingers, LOL!) But I didn't feel bad instead I thought "people ignored, maybe I did something worthy". And that moment I felt myself stronger than I ever was. That moment I realized who truly cares for me. That moment I realized even those which we consider as bad things (like hatred, ignorance, sadness etc...)are also necessary for life.


  •  No matter how people treat you, you must treat yourself like a princess/prince 
  • Don't over think (Particularly, over silly things like being ignored) 
  • Peace of mind and happiness should be your first priority. 

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If you have any such experiences, feel free to share 'em in the comment section below.

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